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 Naked Wales

The pdfMAGS questionnaire has been answered by Andrew Thomas from Naked Wales.

NakedWales is a community of artists, designers and makers with a connection to Wales. The community connects and communicates through organised events, online via and now through our magazine #1.

Having worked collectively in the design industry in Wales for over 15 years one of the key issues that stood out for us was the lack of communication between fellow designers; something which we believe to be a major contributor in creative thought. From our point of view how can an individual who sits at a desk from 9-5 each day with no interaction with other artists, designers and creatives ever become any better? There’s an isolation there that hinders you and numbs idea generation. What Naked Wales and #1 does is provide a community for individual artists, designers and agencies to contribute and communicate with each other. We want to know what’s the latest news in the art and design community. We want to see the photographs you’ve taken that inspire you. Others will only benefit from finding out and sharing this information, whether it be good or bad. The important thing is the opportunity to find out by learning and experiencing from others, instead of looking at the horrible white painted walls day in day out.


Initially the plan was to develop a PDF magazine, which would be published on a quarterly basis via the website. However, when we received the contributions for a varied range of topics and began to compile the magazine it screamed out at us: it needed to be printed. So for the initial launch we produced 50 printed copies of the magazine charged at £10 per copy to cover production only, however further distribution will take place free of charge via the website in PDF format.

Artists, architects, photographers, illustrators, fashion, textiles, graphic designers, film makers and academics. The list is endless…


I guess you could say like any magazine its going to be more structured than a website. The content of #1 was fundamentally selected for publication within the magazine; written specifically for #1. Where as the website is in some ways more organic in its content, its really there as a instant communication platform that takes the moment and comments on it. #1 is more, it’s a platform to record and showcase interesting articles, photography and individuals that the art and design industry in Wales should know about.

PDF ONLY/ AND PRINT: Primarily PDF, there are 50 limited edition prints. Approximately 12 still available.
FREQUENCY: Quarterly
LANGUAGE(S): English/Welsh (However we will accept submissions in any language that the author feels will convey a more comprehensive message)
EXTRA CONTENT ON YOUR SITE:News, Reviews, Links, Gallery, Projects, Jobs, Positions, Events, Directory. Please visit

SOMETHING ELSE YOU WILL SAY OR SOMETHING I HAVE FORGOTTEN: I guess we just want to mention that the magazine will hopefully generate some interest in Wales and its artists, designers and creatives. And... thanks you for allowing us to complete this interview for the wicked

Thank you, Andrew.

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