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The pdfMAGS questionnaire has been answered by James Agnew from JENESIS Magazine.

JENESIS Magazine is the premiere magazine for Pittsburgh's urban crowd with a desire to read about fashion, music, sports, politics, as well as a wide variety of other subjects sure to capture attention as well as inform. JENESIS Magazine provides readers with the City's current news, scene reports from various clubs, restaurants and other local happenings. Other features include music reviews, Q&A's and game reviews.


JENESIS is a magazine founded on a dream. Designed to meet the needs of Pittsburgh and others in the world alike, JENESIS Magazine meshes together the fabric of the city's urban society with local and national updates of the music scene, the latest in fashion, news, and events. With hard work, skill and determination, we plan to become not only the city's leading magazine, but the voice of urban Pittsburgh as well. Essentially it started out as a hobby. When I was in the eleventh grade, I worked on various magazine covers as an art project at a Craftsmen's Guild. From there on I always had a desire to do a full magazine on a large scale, but never took the time to do so. I just wanted to give the people in Pittsburgh something they can read that brings things full circle. A magazine that provides the reader with everything a national magazine has to offer, but maintains its emphasis on this city.


JENESIS Magazine is exclusively online and is available for download at each month.

18-34 year old men and women. Our vision is for this publication to appeal to people of both sexes, from diverse backgrounds and a multitude of races. Everyone from Professionals, to hip-hoppers, to punk rockers and so on. It's very rare that you find one publication capable of reaching that diverse a group of people. Hopefully we will be able to be added to the list. Even though we would like to have mass appeal, we understand at the same time that if you're targeting too many people, you're not targeting anyone.

First of all, each issue we provide people with the chance to learn something new and of interest to them. We also help bring more of a sense of community to the people of our target audience and the readers in general. We provide something positive for people to rally around. It's hard to get such a diverse group of people to come together for a common cause. We give people a chance to be heard, or at least be a representation for them. One of the biggest things I would tell a consumer is that you have a chance to be involved in something new. You have a chance to support a publication, which is essentially for the people and by the people as well.

LANGUAGE(S): English - available in others by request.
EXTRA CONTENT ON WEBSITE: Music Downloads such as mixtapes, albums from local artists available for free. Blogs from our writers, event listings from JENESIS Magazine, prize giveaways to our registered members, exclusive content not available in the Issue.

SOMETHING ELSE YOU WILL SAY OR SOMETHING I HAVE FORGOTTEN: Our success is hit or miss. If we aren't supplying readers with what they want to read, it will show. So ultimately it hinges on our ability to reach the target audience we've set out to reach. In the long run, what we do will have very little impact on the overall success of the magazine, we will only have the people to thank for it.

Thank you, James.

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